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Eagles are the most famous birds of prey hunted by humans for thousands of years. Eagles are the most impressive and beautiful predators in the world, having a heavy head, peak, long wingspan, and beauty. Eagles’ bulky size and serious power make them the world’s top food chain apex predator. The largest eagles can be measured by their Length, Body Mass, and Wingspan. 

There are many eagles in the world, but the largest eagle in the world can be differentiated according to their lifestyle and space of living. Some eagles have short wingspans, especially the forest eagles like harpy and Philippine eagles, and some have larger wingspans. Eagles are known for their power and length. 

Hunting is a passion for some people that creates danger for these rare species on the earth. It is hard to find some rare species worldwide because of the increase in the hunting of these species by humans. It is said that the largest eagle was hunted around 600 years ago. The presence of an eagle is mostly associated with Africa and the Philippines. So here we are listing some rare and famous top 10 largest eagles in the world.

List OF Largest Eagles In The World 

Philippine Eagle
Philippine Eagle: Largest Eagles In The World

10- Philippine Eagle (Monkey eagle):

Weight 8 Kgs, Wingspan 2 Meters.

Philippine eagle is called “Monkey Eagle” because they mainly eat monkeys but also prey on other species, including Bat, Flying Squirrels, lizards, Snakes, etc. Philippine eagles have creamy brown feathers, which makes them beautiful in the eyes, with neon yellow feet and pale greyish blue eyes. It is an immensely rare predator found in just four islands of the Philippines among 7000 islands. It is one of the largest eagles in the world.


Crowned Eagle
Crowned Eagle: Largest Eagles In The World

9- Crowned Eagle (Stephanoaetus Coronatus):

Weight 4.7 Kgs, Wingspan 2 Meters.

The lightest weight eagle yet the third strongest eagle in the world. The African crowned eagle is not one of the largest eagles in Africa but is considered the most powerful eagle. It is famous for its extremely lightweight and thick legs like long nails. They live in forests in Africa, and their wings are short and wide with a rudder tail to steer through the branches. The crowned eagle has their way of preying on other animals; it swoops the other animal down, breaks the spine then eats them. They love to eat small antelopes, mongoose, snakes, fowl, and African monkeys. Crowned eagles are considered the largest eagle in the world.


Verreaux’s Eagle
Verreaux’s Eagle: Largest Eagles In The World

8- Verreaux’s Eagle:

Weight 4.3 Kgs, Wingspan 2.3 Meters.

A jet-black largest eagle is one of the few eagles in the world that practices Siblicide for food. Verreaux eagle has the rarest hyrax diet but can also eat small birds in times of scarcity and shortage. They are found in Rocks and Mountains in the East and North African Regions. They kill their siblings to take the available food. This is one of the scariest eagle species in the world.


African Martial Eagle
African Martial Eagle: Largest Eagles In The World

7- African Martial Eagle:

Weight 6.2 Kgs, Wingspan 2.6 Meters.

This beautiful eagle is tracked across sub-Saharan Africa in open and semi-open regions from Senegal to Somalia and south to the Cape. It chases warm-blooded reptiles as extensive as little gazelles, monkeys, and other huge birds. However, it has yet to be known to rummage. Since military falcons are known to go after domesticated animals, they are now and again chased somewhere near ranchers. The Military falcon is Africa’s biggest flying predator with its 2.6-meter wingspan. Such a strong bird is equipped to thump a grown man off his feet.



White-tailed Sea Eagle
White-tailed Sea Eagle: Largest Eagles In The World

6- White-tailed Sea Eagle:

Weight 5 Kgs, Wingspan 2.4 Meters.

The white-tailed sea eagle is the biggest European hawk and is tracked down in many natural surroundings across Europe, Russia, and the mountains of northern Japan. This eagle has an earthy-colored body, offset by a dazzling white tail and yellow legs, feet, eyes, and bill. They love to eat fish and different birds, and likewise, with many hawks, they are entrepreneurial trackers, glad to target little and medium-sized warm-blooded reptiles. After proceeding with preservation endeavors, the species was taken off the imperiled species list.



Harpy Eagle
Harpy Eagle: Largest Eagles In The World

5- Harpy Eagle:

Weight 9 Kgs, Wingspan 2 Meters.

One of the heaviest, strongest, and largest eagles in the world. Reportedly, it is said that the harpy eagle has the heaviest weight of 12kg and 2.8 meters of longest wingspan. The harpy eagle is the national bird of Panama and is mostly seen in the forests of Central and South America. They have the strongest nails that can break a human arm, giving them the strength to hunt their food. They prefer eating monkeys, sloths, and large birds. 


Stellar Sea Eagle
Stellar Sea Eagle: Largest Eagles In The World

4- Stellar Sea Eagle:

Weight 9 Kgs, Wingspan 2.5 Meters.

A native of coastal areas of Eurasia and Japan. The Stellar Sea eagle is one of the largest eagles in the world, having the heaviest weight and powerful wings. They have yellow beaks, which they use to hunt salmon, shellfish, crustaceans, and baby seals. Their yellow beak and grey feathers make them a beautiful and eye-catching eagle of the world.  



Australian Wedge-Tailed
Australian Wedge-Tailed: Largest Eagles In The World

3- Australian Wedge-Tailed Eagle:

Weight 5.3 Kgs, Wingspan 2.3 Meters.

Australia is a region of birds; many large birds found there are considered rare species worldwide. The largest prey bird found in Australia is the Australian Wedge-Tailed Eagle which lives both at sea level and in mountainous regions. Australian wedge tail has the perfect shape defined by its name, a wedge-shaped tail, white feet, and brown color under the eyes.  


Golden Eagle
Golden Eagle: Largest Eagles In The World

2- Golden Eagle:

Weight 6.4 Kgs, Wingspan 2.3 Meters.

Golden birds have a wide reach across the northern side of the equator, which covers North America, Europe, Asia, and little pieces of North Africa. They are the biggest flying predator in North America and the public bird of Mexico. Their beautiful golden color makes them the world’s most beautiful and largest eagle. These enormous hunters are quick birds that utilize their speed and claws for chasing principally average-sized, well-evolved creatures. However, they have been known to catch prey the size of coyotes and pronghorns.


American Bald Eagle
American Bald Eagle: Largest Eagles In The World

1- American Bald Eagle:

Weight 7.5 Kgs, Wingspan 2.5 Meters.

This is the largest eagle with a weaker wingspan, while more fragile claws correlate with the golden eagle. It has a white peak against its huge, earthy-colored body and wings. The bald eagle is one of the most-largest eagles in the world. It’s the public bird of the USA and an image for consistently enduring affection as a bird that mates forever. From their initial gathering of locking claws and turning through the sky, the bald eagle mates forever, spending each colder time of year alone and meeting their accomplice every year for the reproducing season. The male bird helps feed the chicks for their initial not many months. Their accomplice every year for the reproducing season. The male bird helps feed the chicks for their initial few months.


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