Top 10 Famous Transgender Celebrities in the World

Famous Transgender Celebrities

The rise and shine of transgender celebrities have evolved in recent years when actors start playing trans-roles in movies and TV shows. It gave so much strength and power to the transgender community to portray themselves behind and on the camera. At the same time, trans people got this fame and recognition after so long as the media always displayed the negative aspects and hardships of trans people in society before this evolution. It was difficult to get acceptance by society in the industry and legal matters as well; the transgender community has gone through a lot to be their selves in society.

Transgender started becoming on the screens when celebrities like Josie Totah, MJ Rodriguez, and Zion Moreno came forward and portrayed transgender roles in their acting career to give acceptance and support to the transgender community. Transgender celebrities are now participating in different fields like sports, music, modeling, and acting. In 2021, Leyna Bloom, a “ beautiful shemale,” made the cover of the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue. She was the first transgender to make this history. After that, many trans persons came forward and showcased their art. Recently in 2023, Kim Petras won a Grammy for Best Pop Duo group performance for her song “Unholy” with Sam Smith.

Meanwhile, the media is now realizing that the depiction of transgender characters would have done better if trans people performed their characters and other characters in TV shows. Also, the media industry has a vast scope of talent, from writing to directing and depicting the story. Transgender celebrities are doing so well in every field, so they should get more opportunities in the industry.

GLAAD President Herndon Graddick said, “We hope that representation of transgender people on television evolves to become as diverse, nuanced, and inspiring as the community those images reflect”. Trans actors are still fighting so hard to get equal positions and opportunities as other communities have. GLAAD has found some facts gathering since 2002 that 54% of trans characters are shown in a negative light on Television, 35% of trans characters are shown as Problematic, while only 12% are shown as good characters to get a GLAAD Media Award nomination. Media should play a role in enhancing respect and equality for the transgender community in the industry.  

Here are some game changer Famous Transgender Celebrities who have worked for their recognition in the society.


Famous Transgender Celebrities in the World: 

Elliot Page

1- Elliot Page:

Elliot Page has appeared in many movies, Juno, Inception, and Hard Candy but never disclosed his identity. After doing Netflix’s series “Umbrella Academy” in 2020, he announced on his Instagram that he is a trans person. He wrote on his Instagram that he is transgender and loves to be how he is created, that he fully embraces himself and dreams of growing his heart. Moreover, he wrote to his transgender community that he would do his best to change this world and make it a better place for transgender. He gave strength to trans persons for dealing with inequality, harassment, abuse, and violence; he said I love you all and will do everything to bring change in your lives. Elliot Page was the first person who came forward to disclose his identity, accept himself in front of the whole world, and strengthen his community.   


Laverne Cox

2- Laverne Cox:

Laverne Cox rises with a Netflix series, “Orange is the New Black,” in which she has a starring role. She was the first openly transgender celebrity nominated for a Primetime Emmy in the acting category. Despite being a transgender celebrity, she went through a lot, being harassed, abused, and targeted attacks. She survived like a fighter and recognized herself as a strong transgender person.


Leyna Bloom

3- Leyna Bloom

An American Model, actor, and activist, Leyna Bloom has struggled greatly in her career. She made her acting debut in the feature film Port Authority in 2019, which premiered at Cannes Film Festival. Also, she has done modeling for several brands and designers. In July 2021, she made history by appearing on the cover of the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue; after that, she wrote a note on her social media by communicating with her transgender community that “We deserve this moment. We have waited for years to show up as survivors and be seen as full humans filled with wonder”. She became a strong transgender celebrity and an inspiration for many worldwide.


Valentina Sampaio

4- Valentina Sampaio:

Brazillian model and activist got many “first” titles in her name. She became the first-ever openly transgender model of Victoria’s Secret in 2019. Moreover, she also appeared as the first openly transgender model in the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue in 2020. She is a great model with global recognition. About her hometown in Brazil, she said it is difficult to survive here as a transgender. Brazil is a beautiful country, yet it has the highest crime rate and murders for the transgender community.


Caitlyn Jenner

5- Caitlyn Jenner:

Caitlyn Jenner is an American personality and a former Olympic Gold Medal Winner. She is an extremely talented trans person who worked in different fields and became a transgender celebrity. In 2015, the world got her first glimpse on the cover of Annie Leibovitz, released by Vanity Fair for its July Cover.  


Hunter Schafer

6- Hunter Schafer:

A model and actress started her career as a model for global brands like Dior, Prada, Rick Owens, Tommy Hilfiger, and Vera Wang. Her acting career started when she signed the role of “Jules” in 2018 in an HBO series “Euphoria”. She has done a brilliant job in that role and, like herself, the role was very confident about her identity. Yet she spoke on social media that trans people should get more chances to appear on Television as we are more complex than our identities.


Zaya Wade

7- Zaya Wade:

The daughter of retired NBA superstar Dwyane Wade publicly came forward as transgender in 2019. Zaya Wade celebrated her birthday with a rollerskating theme in May 2021. Her dad supported her when he learned that her daughter was transgender. In a show named “The Today Show”, he said about his daughter that “She is a Hero of his family”. Further, he said he didn’t know about LGBTQ, but now it has opened my eyes and ears to something bigger and greater, I support my daughter fully, and she is a hero.


Jazz Jennings

8- Jazz Jennings:

Trans extremist and reality star Jennings turned into a high-profile face for transsexual people with appearances on “20/20” and Rosie O’Donnell’s show during the 2000s when she was in primary school. Jennings managed difficulty in her orientation change in 2018. However, in January 2020 posted an image on Instagram that gladly flaunted scars from her methods, referring to them as “my fight wounds since they imply the strength and diligence it took to finish my progress at last.”


Kim Petras

9- Kim Petras:

Kim Petras, the “Unholy” star, made history by going under Sexual Gender Reassignment Surgery at 16. Then she went to LA to pursue her music career and became one of the trans groundbreakers in the world. She has done many kinds of music pops like “Clarity”, “There Will be blood,” and her super famous “Unholy”. She has been working for the transgender community and joined forces with MTV, LogoTV, and Trans Lifeline to support trans people, providing money and updating the IDs of trans people.  


Kataluna Enriquez

10- Kataluna Enriquez:

Kataluna Enriquez left a mark on the world in June 2021 when she was delegated Miss Nevada USA. With this triumph, Enriquez became the main transparently transsexual Miss USA hopeful. In an Instagram celebratory post, she wrote, “My people group, you are generally in my heart. My success is our success. We just impacted the world forever. Cheerful pride.”

Talent Never Believes In Boundaries Like Gender and Community, It Always Welcomes Everyone:

Being transgender should not be a hurdle for anyone; talent should be welcome with open arms and hearts. Transgender celebrities are part of our society and should have acceptance in the industry like other communities. SheMale are also beautiful like Males and Females and can have the ability to portray different characters on screens and be recognized for what they are blessed with. If you are a “Transgender”, you are a “Beautiful sheMale” so you can be a Male and Female simultaneously. So you can work more smartly and do everything which a specific gender can do and can earn different benefits like:

  • Earn money and be independent like others.
  • Be yourself and never hide your identity.
  • Get equal recognition and fame with your art and craft.
  • Explore yourself to achieve success in society.
  • Be confident as Transgender Celebrity like other celebrities in the world.

If you are looking for Famous transgender celebrities and their inspiring stories, you can read here and learn about their struggles in life. And if you are a trans person, you can embrace yourself by reading this article about the specific community and how these transgender hold their selves and uplift them in the industry with their hard work and talent with confidence.

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