Top 10 Most Expensive Restaurant In The United States



Expensive Restaurants in the US are to be on the list below by considering the prices of their menu, and the below-mentioned restaurants are the most expensive in the United States.

 The restaurant industry is growing day by day all over the world, even though inflation is also rising. The curiosity of having a luxurious experience of a wealthy living takes people towards premium things. Whether it’s shopping, celebrating, or eating, everyone desires big brands and names to be associated with. Restaurants are where people come and feel pampered and relaxed to enjoy time with their loved ones. 

The most expensive restaurants in the US are listed in big urban cities like New York, San Francisco, Las Vegas, and so forth, costing up to $300 for a meal, which is much more expensive for ordinary people. It is a lifetime experience for most people to have lunch or dinner at these places. According to a food website, there are 20 most expensive restaurants in the world, of which 10 are in the United States.

The list below mentions the 10 most expensive restaurants in the United States in different cities.

These Are a List of Expensive Restaurant In the United States

Chef's Table at Brooklyn Fare
Chef’s Table at Brooklyn Fare

10- Chef’s Table at Brooklyn Fare (New York)

Address: 37th Street, New York City,

Phone: 718-243-0050

Chef’s Table is a Three-Michelin-Star restaurant that mainly features Japanese and French cuisine, particularly seafood and shellfish. The most expensive restaurant in New York City suggests proper formal attire to visit, which, if you don’t have, the staff will tell you to come in an appropriate outfit. The menu costs start at $430 per person without any drinks and other service charges. You are having a wide variety of different desserts which melts your mouth. 


Guy Savoy Restaurant
Guy Savoy Restaurant

9- Guy Savoy (Las Vegas, Nevada)

Address: 3570 S Las Vegas Blvd

Phone: 702-731-7286

Guy Savoy is the French version in the US, located initially in France and Caesars Palace in the United States, and has the same luxurious fine dining experience. The incredible experience of having food here with brilliant quality and quantity. Perfect place for French cuisine lovers spending starts at $550 and goes upwards quickly. Well-worthy food quality is served for what you paid—one of the most expensive restaurants in Las Vegas, giving a premium lifetime experience one can desire. Plus, there is a casino over there, so you can celebrate your wins, enjoy, eat, and play in one place.


Saison Restaurant
Saison Restaurant

8- Saison (San Francisco)

Address: 178 Townsend St, San Francisco

Phone: 415-828-7990

Saison is an American Expensive Restaurant in San Francisco is Chef Laurent Gras’s beautiful restaurant having Two-Michelin-Stars. It has a unique ambiance with an open wood fire for cooking and preparing food, which is unusual. The pricing starts at $298 per person and goes to the high end. The overall experience of dining, the ambiance, and the food quality are excellent, and I appreciate what they have served. 


Per Se Restaurant
Per Se Restaurant

7- Per Se (New York US)

Address: 10 Columbus Circle, New York

Phone: 212-823-9335

Per Se, a French-inspired restaurant by Chef Thomas Keller has a wide range of wines with more than two thousand bottles on the menu. One of the most expensive restaurants in the United States costs $355 per person. The restaurant has two nine-course dining menus daily, a chef’s tasting menu and a vegetable tasting menu that gives customers good options according to their preferences. Per Se has a vast customer range because of its new and eccentric serving style.   


Mid-Town Bar & Grill Restaurant
Mid-Town Bar & Grill Restaurant

6- Mid-Town Bar & Grill (Houston)

Address: 415 W Gray St, Houston

Phone: +1 713-528-2887

Mid-town Bar & Grill restaurant located in Houston is one of the most famous and expensive restaurants in Houston. It remains open all day, so you can come for breakfast, lunch, or dinner and have high tea. People go for celebrations, date nights, family dinners, etc. They are having a perfect ambiance and food quality which upgrades their ratings.


Bacchanalia Restaurant
Bacchanalia Restaurant

5- Bacchanalia (Atlanta)

Address: 1460 Ellsworth, Atlanta

Phone: +1 404-365-0410

Only dining restaurant with no takeaways and no delivery, one of the most expensive restaurants in Atlanta. Best for contemporary American cuisine with the most experienced chefs and highly trained staff for serving. It started in 1993 and is one of the top restaurants in Atlanta now, with most-highest ratings and celebrations. Pricing starts at $110 per person, and the menu evolves throughout the week with different varieties according to different seasons and festivals. 


The French Laundry Restaurant
The French Laundry Restaurant

4- The French Laundry (Washington DC)

Address: 6640 Washington St, Yountville.

Phone: 707-944-2380

It is infrequent to have some Expensive restaurants which are Impressive too. So here it is, The French Laundry, which is the most expensive restaurant in Washington but also an impressive to give such foodies plus elegant experience. Pricing starts from $350 per person, not including wines and drinks. This is the food chain of the chef Thomas Keller who also owns many restaurants. The authentication of food is the reason for its success. This is the fusion of French food with other foods as well. You can have vegetables, meat, seafood, fruits, everything with amazing service staff and excellent mouth-watering taste here. 

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Rare Restaurant
Rare Restaurant

3- Rare (Boston)

Address: Boston Harbor, USA.

Phone: +1 857 770-3300

Rare (Boston’s) most expensive restaurant and one of the five-star Encore hotels and resorts in Boston Harbor, United States of America. The pricing starts from $250 per person and goes upwards quickly. Rare is a steakhouse that uses certified Kobe beef. One of the best chefs in the world is working in Rare’s kitchen, giving elegant experience to its customers. Beers are also served in Rare, which costs between $9 and $17. The casino resort and luxurious restaurants give such an elegant experience to their customers, and people love to go there to enjoy a good time.  


Christini’s Ristorante Italiano Restaurant
Christini’s Ristorante Italiano Restaurant

2- Christini’s Ristorante Italiano (Orlando)

Address: 7600 Dr. Phillips Boulevard, Orlando, Florida

Phone: 407-345-8770

One of the most authentic Italian restaurants in Orlando, United States of America. Christin is a restaurant started by Chris Christini, with more than 45 years of culinary experience, intending to give fine dining to make loyal and loyal customers. There is no food chain of Christine’s in the world. This is the most authentic and expensive restaurant in Orlando. This is the blend of classic Italian cuisine from selective regions of Italy. A vast menu with experienced staff and a great ambiance gives such a premium experience to everyone. The prices are very high, but the taste is all worth it. The timings are 5 pm to 11 pm, the reservations should be confirmed before arriving, and the dress code is business casual. 


Masa Restaurant
Masa Restaurant

1- Masa (Columbus) 

Address: 10 Columbus Circle, Time Warner Center, 4th Floor New York, NY 10019

Phone: 212-823-9800

One of the most experienced chefs in the world, Chef Masayoshi Takayama, started his restaurant. He is the most authentic chef of Sushi considered in the world. His pricing starts from $750 and goes upwards, having the more expensive Hinoki counter. Masa’s dining is Omakase, meaning the chef will prepare and serve your food personally according to his judgment and experience. This is the unique style of doing in the world. Timings are very short, a few hours for lunch and a few hours for dinner. The prices mentioned in the menu are without taxes as Masa refuses the gratuities. This is the most expensive restaurant in the United States as well as the most unique also.



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